Thailand Rock Climbing

Reference Thailand and pictures of beaches, elephants and Bangkok enter your mind. Less known is the truth Thailand rock climbing is a few of the best in the world.

Thailand Rock Climbing

Found in Southeast Asia, Thailand is bordered by Cambodia, Burma and Laos in the north and Malaysia in the south. The shape of the nation is rather similar to Italy, and you'll find comparable distinctions in between southern and northern Thailand that you do in Italy. For rock climbing enthusiasts, the south of Thailand is where the action is.

The rock formations in Thailand are practically generally limestone. The level of climbing up can be as basic as bouldering or as challenging as tackling over vertical cliffs. This makes Thailand a popular rock climbing location because it has a little something for everyone.


Found on the southern section of the "tail" of Thailand, Krabi has a wide range of rock climbing up difficulties. The majority of the climbs in this area are of the pre-bolted sport route range. There are actually hundreds upon hundreds of climbs with problem levels from beginner to multi-pitch knuckle crushers.

The appeal of climbing in Krabi is ... well, the charm. While you might have visions of jungles and mosquitoes when thinking about Thailand, Krabi is a location of a different sort. The majority of the climbs up have been established on cliff deals with on the beach. Being natural capitalists, the Thai's have constructed hotels, bars and so on at these areas. As an outcome, you can literally climb a multi-pitch path for 5 hours, cool down with a swim then have a beer. If there is such a thing as a rock climbing up heaven, numerous feel Krabi is it.

Prior to you cash in your savings, keep in mind that Thailand is a seasonal getaway. There is a great possibility you'll simply end up sitting around drinking beer if you go throughout the damp season. While that isn't too bad, you'll go bananas taking a look at the climbs up that are so close, but oh up until now away.

Typically, you wish to go to Thailand from late November through possibly April. The summer season have the tendency to be both damp and incredibly hot. Make certain you pull up projections for the area prior to reserving a journey.

Flying to Thailand is inexpensive, however flights are extremely long with stopovers. Still, it is all worth it as soon as you experience Thailand rock climbing.

The shape of the nation is somewhat comparable to Italy, and you'll find comparable differences in between northern and southern Thailand that you do in Italy. For rock climbing enthusiasts, the south of Thailand is where the action is.

The rock developments in Thailand are nearly universally limestone. Located on the southern area of the "tail" of Thailand, Krabi has a wide range of rock climbing up difficulties. While you might have visions of mosquitoes and jungles when thinking of Thailand, Krabi is a location of a various sort.

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